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Reference Links

Below you can find some links connecting you to people and websites we find valuable.

A blog site offering interesting articles on the topic of commercial mediation.

A global directory linking people to the best person to help them solve their conflict situation - no matter where they are located.

Oxford Programme on Negotiation

An excellent programme offering negotiation training for international executives from all industries.

An association connecting people to mediators in the area of Zug. Do the self check to see if your conflict can be resolved using mediation.

An information platform managed by the Swiss umbrella organisation for mediation where you can also find a mediator to support you.

The leading association of commercial mediators in Switzerland with a search directory for mediators.

Singapore's leading provider of alternative dispute resolution services. Helping to connect people with mediators for their conflict situations. 

An association  promoting and representing the collective interests of mediation practitioners and professionals in Singapore and beyond. Establishing and promoting mediation as the preferred method for dispute resolution.

A first-aid course for everybody to help recognise and approach people with mental issues.

THE coaching association that ensures coaching qualifications are rigorously checked and that professional and ethical standards are adhered to before coaches become certified and get an ICF credential. 

If you want to go beyond coaching and require more in-depth psychological support or are interested in systemic family constellations, you will find Sandra is a fantastic, sensitive and very professional psychologist.

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